Bats and Strawberries


Happy All Hallows' Eve everyone, did you know this holiday that you celebrate, long ago started as a day to dress as a saint or evil spirit in order to act out the battle between good and evil? Bet you didn't. Anyhow I wanted to write about two different things that are close to my heart. To start, the first topic I wanted to talk with you about is that of bats. I love bats. They're adorable winged things of the night. Bats often times get a bad rap because they are represented as depictions of death or haunting. They're creatures of the night avoiding contact with people. I say a creature misunderstood. But did you know that in countries such as China and Greece bats are portrayed in a positive light representing life, love of virtue, rebirth and love! Also 70% of bats worldwide live on a diet solely made up of insects.


The second topic I wanted to bring up, strawberries. Probably not what you were expecting, but I can't get enough of those little red fruits. They're good for you, high in potassium, folate and vitamin C as well as other beneficial nutrients. Also, did you know that strawberries can be traced back throughout history in art, mythology and traditions? They're symbolic of rebirth, they're the first berries that ripen in spring time and they also symbolize friendship, love and good health. Deliciously fascinating.

Be safe out there tonight!

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  • Melinda

    I really LOVE your blog. You have so many gifts to share. Love you!

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