Water and Color

Watercolors, my favorite medium and sometimes my biggest pain. I adore the flow of the water, how it moves and reacts to each touch of the brush that's soaked in pigment, whether that pigment be heavy or thin each reaction varies in response to my touch. When I saturate the paper with water and I introduce the pigment, the reaction is so visually satisfying. Clouds of smoke-like color explode from the bristles and into dampened paper. Twisting, creeping, seeping, blending and fading, the pigment stretches to the farthest bounds of what I've allowed within the boundaries I've created for it using only water.
Beautiful water the thing that makes up 50-65% of the average adult human body and covers about 71% of the earth's surface: it gives life and offers nourishment, it dissolves more substances than any other liquid, it can destroy, beautify and heal. Water is my chosen medium because I can color it with pigments while studying how to work with its characteristics in small areas and quantities in order to create beautiful or thought provoking images. Water and then color.

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    I am so excited by this blog. Love it! More please

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